Our Services

We serve a community of approximately 80,000 patients, and our healthcare offerings extend beyond standard GP and Nurse services. We understand the importance of providing a wide range of care options tailored to your needs. Our patient services include:

  1. NHS Health Checks: Comprehensive health assessments to monitor your well-being.
  2. Electrocardiogram (ECG) & Blood Pressure Checks: Essential heart and blood pressure evaluations.
  3. Phlebotomy (Blood Tests): Convenient blood tests for diagnostic purposes.
  4. Minor Surgery: In-house procedures for minor medical issues.
  5. Travel Vaccinations: Ensuring you’re protected on your journeys.
  6. Wound Care: Expert care for wound management and healing.
  7. Enhanced Access Service: Access to our services beyond typical GP practice hours.
  8. Integrated Care Pathway: Tailored care plans for patients with complex health needs in the community.
  9. Social Prescribers: support people in a non-medical way with practical emotional and social issues. 
  10. Health and Wellbeing Coaches: Guidance for positive lifestyle changes to enhance your health.
  11. Clinical Pharmacy Team: A dedicated team of pharmacists ensuring safe and appropriate medication usage.
  12. Vaccinations Team: Offering various vaccinations, including COVID-19, Flu, Polio, Pneumococcal, and Shingles, conveniently provided in our community.
  13. Stop Smoking Clinic: A one-stop clinic providing stop smoking advice and access to nicotine replacement products.

Booking an Appointment or Get Advice

There are now a range of ways you can get advice from a GP or practice nurse, including online consultations, over the telephone and by using the NHS App. Speak to the practice receptionist or a member of the practice team to find out more. To arrange an appointment, speak to the practice receptionist or member of the practice team and for the very latest information, please visit your practice website.  

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