First Contact Practitioner: Physiotherapist

A First Contact Practitioner (FCP) is a specialist Physiotherapist with additional training who can see patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) problems as a first point of contact for quick access to expert advice.

What can a First Contact Practitioner Do?

A First Contact Practitioner can:

  • Assess and diagnose routine and complex musculoskeletal problems
  • Provide guidance and support for self-management
  • Provide tailored rehab plans
  • Signpost to local services
  • Provide onward referrals and investigations as needed.

Please note that a First Contact Practitioner does NOT provide a course of physiotherapy, it is only to assess, diagnose and decide the order of any treatment with bespoke self-management advice.

How do I see a First Contact Practitioner?

Speak to your GP practice to find out more about this service.

Improving Outcomes for Patients

This service aims to provide targeted support to patients within the GP practice. This means that patients can be seen early and get the right advice and intervention(s) sooner.

In June 2023, 79.5% of patients who were managed within this service did not need an onward referral.

“I found it informative and will progress with the exercises.”

– Patient Feedback, June 2023

Who Provides this Service?

In Sevenfields, our First Contact Practitioner Service is provided by Pure MSK. The First Contact Practitioners are based in our GP practices. They work closely with GPs and other members of the practice teams to ensure patients receive the most appropriate and effective care and treatment.

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